Monday, May 14, 2007

The dream team

I met with a young company last week. Cool technology, interesting market, sound first-customer prospects, solid IP protection, and a few breadcrumbs of angel funding. After the standard dog-and-pony presentation, we dug in to the cart and horse (or horse and jockey). Metaphorically, cart and horse struck a cord as we elucidated our dream team of Greek and Roman gods; it was a Wikipediant moment. Here’s a fly-on-the-wall replay of our discourse:

Okay, for starters do we agree we want a strong leader?

Yep. It’s gotta be Hercules. Or, Heracles. I get them mixed up … let’s stick with the former; he’s easier to remember.

Yes, and we need brains with the brawn. How about Athena, the goddess of wisdom? She's a smart cookie.

Good thinking. Minerva’s solid too, and she was an Olympian. With wisdom, we need insight and intuition. I say Apollo.

Not bad, but how about Janus, he of the two heads, the ability to see both ways, the deity of beginnings and endings? Imagine our unfair competitive advantage!

Cool, we’re getting there. Morpheus may be a good fit, as we must never cease dreaming.

Yeah, but with dreams we need good fortune. I vote for Fortuna, with a side of Victoria. It’s all about winning, eh?

Yes, and there’s something jaw dropping about a new ventures. Let’s pick up Trivia, the goddess of magic. We can use some.

Alright, alright, enough crystal ball mysticism. Who’s going to sell?

That’s easy. It’s a two-headed team: Suadela, she of persuasion, and Hermes, the god of travelers.

I like it, but wasn’t Hermes also the deity of thieves, liars and politicians, let alone the transporter of souls to the Underworld?

Bingo. Such inside knowledge and powers will help us avoid charlatans and cheats, and our E&O policy is rock-solid. Heremes and Suadela can move mountains and quotas.

We need to inject a little frivolity and cheer into this company. Anyone game for a drink?

Patience, young man, hold your thirst. Once we close our first sale, we’ll rejoice. And, we will need Dionysus, the god of wine and sensual pleasures.

I like the taste and feel of it. Now, for a company name. Any ideas?

That’s easy. Let’s name it after our team! How ‘bout HerculesAthenaMinervaApolloJanusMorpheusFortunaVictoriaTriviaSuadelaHermesDionysus?

I bet the dot-com’s available. Think we can trademark it?

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