Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dreamy venture

I had a dream. It was an engaging, childlike (yes, and …) discourse with some friends. Though my sleep was sketchy and my memory is foggy, here’s a replay:

Let’s form a company.
Yeah, but, it’s too hard, too complicated, too risky, and too costly. What the hell would we do?
That’s easy … we would have a Slurpee machine in the break room, a basketball hoop in the office, and Friday afternoon, rooftop keggers.
Seriously, paint a picture.
I thought we prohibited yeah, but thinking, oh serious one.
Okay, you get your Slurpees, hoop and socials. What else?
Well, for starters, no investment would be required.
Yes, and our products will solve big needs: I’ve gotta have it, our customers will drool.
Yes, and our customers will pay in advance, in cash.
Yes, and it will be like razors or printers: After the first purchase, they’ll be locked in to buying consumables.
Yes, and we’ll have established and effective distributors; no need to create or cultivate channels. Our distributors will be so cool that they’ll do the work for free.
Yeah, but I thought there were no free lunches.
With our company there will be. Sushi daily.
Yes, and there will be no technical or trendy obsolescence; our product will live into perpetuity.
Yes, and we’ll have full proprietary rights (patents and trademarks and trade secrets, oh my!).
Yes, and there will be great exit potential.
Yes, and we’d operate in an environment sans government regulations.
Yes, and we’ll never have to worry about paying taxes – the Feds will love us.
Yes, and there will be no risk; we’re guaranteed success.
Yes, and our markets will be recognizable, measurable, growing. The sky’s the limit!
Yes, and speaking of sky, we’ll have 100-percent gross margins … it will be like selling air!
Yes, and there will be no competition … it will be easy to create a new market and monopolistically prohibit new entrants.
Yeah, but doesn’t that mean we will not have a market since there’s no competition and therefore no customers?
Let him roll; everything’s set.
One major yeah, but: What will we do?
Play hoop, slurp Slurpees, entertain friends on the roof top, and count cash.
Yeah, but I’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur who has put cash and flow together in the same sentence.
Rest in peace.

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