Thursday, May 10, 2007


I recently discovered there are more than 70 million weblogs. Approximately 120,000 new weblogs are created worldwide each day (or 1.4 per second). Like how-to books, who needs another? How much can there be to communicate, and are there really that many people who have stories to share?

Yes. And, thankfully so. In the end we are storytellers. We communicate. We ask questions, share opinions, exchange insights. Blogs are modern-day stumps, virtual storybooks that open conversation to untold communities.

In my undergrad days in San Luis Obispo, I hosted a sports talk show. One hour, Sunday nights on 91.3 KCPR, Cal Poly Radio. Though we could count our audience on one hand (two if the radio waves swept into Moro Bay), we had a blast. A few regulars – including an inebriated friend or two; Let’s go to Scott in SLO town who wants to talk Vikings football – chimed in and we’d patch together an hour of much of nothing. It was our story-telling stump.

This forum is a collection of musings about professional interests: creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the creative, subjective, sometimes subconscious and too-often misunderstood pillars of business success. We will share thoughts about why people create, what they create, how they create, who’s creating what, and what we can learn from banks of relevant (and not-so-relevant) knowledge.


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