Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yes, and ... (be an innvoator, not a but-head)

I'm a few weeks delinquent in my blog reviews. In knocking out a few blogcobwebs this afternoon, I discovered a post from The Great Tim Sanders, championing (on behalf of Joseph Pine, author of the superb The Experience Economy) the use of "yes, and ..." in stand-up comedy and organizational brainstorming. Wait, that's what we wrote about a few months ago, I emoted. (Of course, Pine's thinking is much more original than my Yes, and ... piece, which was the inaugural entry to my blog.) Great post from Tim ... here's a quick snippet:

Too many times, especially in project work, we take on the devil's advocate role and answer all creative ideas with a dismissive/anal retentive "yes, but...?" which kills innovation pretty quickly. In the comedy improv world, the yes, and routine is core to coming up with funny sketches. As Joe believes all the world is a stage (even business), he also believes that we must borrow from street theatre and improve to stage memorable experiences. Don't try to add meeting value by shooting things down when they haven't even left the hangar, leave operations issues for the final pro/con debate -- once the idea is given a chance to come to live. Joe demonstrates the value of saying "yes, and" in those situations to foster creative thinking.
Check out the YouTube video too ... Pine is even wearing a Yes, and ... button!

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