Thursday, August 16, 2007

Always swimming

If one of your kids swims, you know the drill: Daily lessons and workouts, last-minute scrambling for goggles, towels and sunscreen, hurried caravans to and from practice. The kids love it, but it can be a time-gobbling migraine for parents.

If and when my noggin’s operating at half speed, I’ll remember to grab my laptop, a book, or a periodical. Sunglasses and my Treo too, though it’s tough to partake in conference calls while kids are splashing up a storm. Tuesday night – running late, of course – I grabbed the just-arrived issue of AlwaysOn, The Blogozine On Innovation. (Love the “blogozine” reference, BTW.)

Seeking to kill an hour, I opened the zine. “Greener Pastures for Global Business,” engaged the headline for a double-truck, two-page promo of the GoingGreen conference at UCD. Since I’m attending the conference, I dug deeper: My comrades Nicole, Redwood, Andy and Glen are speaking, along with Bill McDonough and a host of other green visionaries. Cool.

I flipped to page seven, the Tune In, Tune On welcome from Tony Perkins (AO’s founder and editor). I had dinner with Tony a few years ago back in his Red Herring days – decent food, great conversation – and his writing is, as always, crisp, poignant and insightful. Cool II.

Flipping deeper, page 29 featured an opinion from Eric Janszen, What Makes a Bubble?, elaborating his Eight Laws of Asset Bubbles. I do not know Eric, but his piece is meaningful given our recent post, Blowing Bubbles, along with my current read, The Black Swan. Cool III.

Page 34 introduced the AlwaysOn top 100 private companies. I curiously scanned this list seeking a connection. First browse: Nothing. Second glance: Nextrials, my friend Anthony’s company. Cool IV.

A few pages further reveled an interview with Tom Gage, CEO of AC Propulsion, an electric vehicle manufacturer. Since my wife and I are considering ditching a gas-guzzling SUV for an EV or hybrid, I was intrigued. And, even more so when I discovered my friend Redwood conducted the interview. Cool V.

As the splashing intensified and my reading time elapsed, I turned to page 40. Bam. A picture of Redwood anchoring his guest blogger commentary: Cautionary Cleantech Metrics. Like Tony, Ed’s prose is terse and useful, echoing several sitting-on-the-Sudwerk-patio liter-guzzling sessions Redwood and I have enjoyed. Nice work, Wood; Cool VI.

The lifeguard’s whistle blew. Ty dripped over in search of his towel. Great job, Ty!, I exclaimed, hypocritically internalizing that I had not watched a minute of his practice. Wasn’t that cool, dad? Yep.

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