Monday, August 13, 2007


Our youngest son turned five Saturday, thus culminating – not sure if this is correct, but it feels so – his infancy. Our baby is no longer a baby: He’s a boy, a kid, and at his age birthdays are consequential – the leaps between years are meaningful, noticeable, and celebratory.

Turning five is a big deal, a societal introduction to structure, schedules, responsibility and accountability. Four-year-olds get to goof off (lots); five-year-olds have things to do. Kindergarten starts, homework commences, report cards roll in; reading, writing, counting and behaving. Soccer becomes organized (you’re on a team replete with practices, games, uniforms, and orange wedges). Tee-ball too. Naps go away along with pull-ups and diapers.

In celebration of Ty’s penta-bday, here are a few cool fives:

  • Super Bowls: The Niners have won five.
  • Baseball: Hank Aaron, Joe Dimaggio and Brooks Robinson donned #5.
  • Kids: One of my best friends Casey has five.
  • Oceans: There are five in the world.
  • Senses: There are five too.
  • Music: 5, the name of Lenny Kravitz’s fifth studio album. And, of course, The Jackson Five.
  • Olympics: Five inter-locked rings (representing the participatory/inhabited continents).
As I poked around the Internet researching fives, I learned that five sounds like the word "not" (symbol: 唔) in Cantonese. Four-year-olds like to say “no” … hopefully Ty will stick to Spanish, not Cantonese, though I guess he’s apt to take the fifth instead of saying no.

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