Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The four A's

I was interviewed this morning by the regional Business Journal. They’re running a story about business incubators, sparked by a municipality’s proposal to launch a new chicken coop. Having grown up and spent much of my adult live in such confines, I was engaged to share my thoughts.

First question: Are there enough incubators? (My answer: Hell – check that: Heck – no.)

Second question: What’s needed (to further catalyze company formation and growth)? (My four-pronged answer: Entrepreneurs with ideas, organized seed capital sources, facilities/space/environments to culture the companies, and regional support [action, not anecdotes].)

As the interview progressed and my bravado bolstered, I lamented that regional folk need to get off their ass(es) and get things done, to abort their fear of failure. (For the record, I did not use the “A” word; I think I said “rear” or something equally delicate.) Which led me to an on-the-fly recitation of a get-off-your-you-know-what, Four A progression:

  1. Apathy: The sedentary act of doing nothing.
  2. Anecdote: Still sedentary and devoid of action, but propped up with anecdotal wind blowing and pom-pom shaking.
  3. Analysis: Out-of-the-chair commencement of doing something, moving beyond rah-rah anecdotes and into neuron-impulsed action.
  4. Action: Shelving hyperbole, taking risk, and getting shit done.
It reminded me of previous rants herein, particularly our Just do it post and assessment of the commitment theory, vis-à-vis start-ups, along with a terrific opine from Samuel Beckett: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."

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