Wednesday, September 12, 2007

POTW: A Business Idea for Anyone Who Wants It

I am tardy is posting our post of the week, with no excuses sans my apathy; there are plenty of terrific musings to share. Before jumping into this week's POTW, two business ideas:

  1. Building on a previous GoingGreen recap, if you want to throw something away, where is away if there's no away? Challenge: Can you create a new away where demand for away is strong/unmet, and supply of away is scarce? Two GoingGreen examples: A company that hauls and recycles undesirable office stuff (i.e., when a company relocates or replenishes), and a company that has figured out how to micro-shred and resell tire treads (plastic). A half-century old model: auto recyclers (formerly wreckers, and most recently dismantlers). All are systemic approaches to age-old problems.
  2. If you want to heat something -- fast -- throw it in the microwave. If you want to chill something -- quickly -- what's the less-than-$50 counter-top solution?
POTW: Freakonomics (again, these guys are brilliant) checks in with a challenge to start a company that would provide cheating detection services to schools systems. Certainly a widespread problem in search of a solution. Certainly not a "have fun, make money" endeavor (it's kinda like a big brother/school nark hybrid). As testing becomes increasingly standardized, so too should cheater detection, eh?

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