Thursday, September 27, 2007

POTW: Seth Godin on Finding the Long Tail

Quick and terse POTW from Seth Godin. He chimes in about Finding the Long Tail (in stocks). I think he confused Long Tail with Wisdom of the Crowds. The latter encapsulates the accuracy and efficacy of collaborative, not silo-based know-it-all, decisions; the former is a brilliant take on the efficiency and mass of "tail" markets. Love them both.

Seth's post reminded me of two recent experiences, one a lunch with A VC friend, the latter a networked angel-fund-in-creation. My VC amigo is analogous to the analysts portrayed in Seth's piece: They're almighty, they know it (or most of it) all, and they know it. The fund is the opposite: It relies on the collective wisdom and input of non experts to make decisions. I'll bank on many minds any day. Especially when I'm banking my own money and time.

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