Sunday, October 28, 2007

POTW: A New Prediction Market for the Masses

Prediction markets are fascinating, real-life extrapolations of The Wisdom of Crowds. Of late -- inspired in part post-absorption of The Black Swan and Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age -- I've been pondering peer-to-peer, opinion-of-the-masses business models, be it through personal wagering, stock picking, or private company investment. There's a lot of there there, though I'm not sure where (yet). For this week's POTW, Freakonomics (again!) checks in with a thought-provoking post: A New Prediction Market for the Masses. Quick take:

For those of you who love prediction markets, there’s a new site that looks to be as vast, inclusive, and user-friendly as anything I’ve seen: Predictify.
Predictify is very compelling and quite powerful. You can either submit a question or predict an outcome. Poke around ... I think you'll enjoy.

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