Friday, November 9, 2007


Karen and I enjoyed an event on campus last night honoring the “Chancellor’s Laureates,” individuals and institutions – several hundred benevolent entrepreneurs! – that have given $1mm+ to UCD. The vibe was terrific, hitting a high note when Margrit Mondavi stepped to the podium. Five-feet tall on her tip toes and in heels, she has the grace of a queen and a charm that’s contagious, amplified by a can-we-take-you-home-to-read-goodnight-stories-to-us Swiss accent. Margrit and her husband, Robert, catalyzed a significant transformation of the campus with their $50mm donation to create the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts and the equally jaw-dropping and physically adjacent Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

Margrit graced the crowd with an extemporaneous talk about creating, giving, doing, making, enjoying, and being. As she said something worth saying, visions of ings danced through my head. Whether you’re a baker who bakes, a candlestick maker who makes, an entrepreneur who creates, or an artist who relates, six maxims (personal challenges?) come to mind:

  • Be something worth being
  • Enjoy something worth enjoying.
  • Play something worth playing.
  • Give something worth giving.
  • Create something worth creating.
  • Do something worth doing.
While “something” and “worth” are subjective, the act of being, enjoying, playing, giving, creating and doing is the essence. It (the ing) is what counts; without it there is no something or worth of your ing-ing. It reminded me of three “as you embark of your walkabout and regenerate” morsels of advice shared by my brother James earlier this year:
Life’s too short to:
  • Do something you don’t enjoy, or
  • Work with people you don’t enjoy, or
  • Work in a location you don’t enjoy.

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