Friday, December 14, 2007

POTW: That's what I'm talking about

Had a cup of coffee with a friend last week. He -- among many terrific contributions -- authors a wonderful blog. After agreeing that our blogs were a platform to think (and share our thoughts, his more cogent and insightful than mine), we turned to The Great Marc Andreessen. How does he do it? we puzzled, equally amazed at Andreessen's ability to churn out meaningful, treatise-esque posts.

Andreessen strikes again with this week's post of the week: That's what I'm talking about. Therein he continues his wonderful dissertation about the Hollywood writers' strike and the state of the entertainment industry. He parlays a story from a writer/producer-turned entrepreneur and their quest for VC funding:

We met with a lot of VCs.

And had a lot of long, interesting conversations – no money, but that was okay; we were unknowns, and not engineers. Pretty much everyone we met was thoughtful and smart and enthusiastic about the future of web-based entertainment. Everyone we met spent at least 90 minutes with us, talking, musing, thinking out loud.

No one does that in Hollywood.

No one in Hollywood thinks out loud. Not like Fred Wilson, or Brad Feld, or Mike Hirshland or... I could go on.

We don’t think about the machine. We only think about feeding the machine.

And right now we’re all standing around a machine that’s making alarming noises and emitting a funny smell and we’re all arguing about whose fault it is, rather than trying to figure out how to fix it.

Or whether to throw it away.

Three cheers for fatheads.

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