Monday, February 4, 2008

POTW: Giving birth

It's Monday, early, and thus I feel a bit guilty and lazy dropping a post-of-the-week so soon. Too bad; couldn't resist. This week's is courtesy of Guy Kawasaki, based on an email pitch he received from an entrepreneur: “Everything you should know about me as an entrepreneur you could learn from my OB/GYN”. Here's the terrific email:

  1. I am very good at conceiving an idea.

  2. I can commit to something mind, body, and soul for at least nine months.

  3. I have the ability to over come adversity, such as eating healthily while puking all day.

  4. I can adapt quickly to changing and expanding situations.

  5. I stay focused and motivated even with a lack of oxygen to my brain.

  6. I am creative: Did you know with satin pajamas and satin sheets you can roll over in bed even with an extra sixty pounds.

  7. I am patient—ever known anyone ten months pregnant?

  8. I am cool under pressure: I gave birth to a ten-pound baby without a C-section or a properly functioning epidural and did not curse out my husband.

  9. I am resilient: I went back to work at my company four weeks after giving birth.

  10. I create meaning in the world! Even with all the trials and tribulations of becoming a parent I have chosen to do it twice so far because each new life gives hope and meaning to our world. Just like each new business.

I've enjoyed Kawasaki's tales about his kids and parenthood, vis-a-vis entrepreneurship and start-ups, in the past. He wraps with a few wonderful analogies: Children are the ultimate startup. And when they leave for college, it’s their IPO. And when they get married, it’s an M & A deal. And like most startups, these milestones usually take longer and cost more than you predicted. Parental success rates, however, are much better than even the best (seed-stage) venture capitalist’s.

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